Year 7 Compete in 7th BSB Spelling Bee

For the seventh year in a row, the BSB department of English held the Spelling Bee Competition. Inspired by the award-winning film ‘Akeelah and the Bee’, Year 7 students have been busy learning spellings and improving spelling techniques during their once-a-week Grammar lessons this half term to compete against each other in their groups and go on to represent their group in the final.

Veronica, Diego, Daniela, Alexandra, Lochie, Diogo, David, Nina, Lucie and Judith were the ten students who made it to the final on 15th December, with Diogo coming out the winner.

English teachers, Mrs Petrie, Ms Plummer, Ms Leahy and Mr Petrie, agreed that this is an excellent activity to raise the profile of good spelling as an integral part of accurate expression and a way of building a sophisticated vocabulary. Students said:

‘The final was really nerve-racking, but I managed to concentrate on stage.’

‘I am really confident about the words that cause problems and I know how to spell some difficult words that adults get wrong!’

Director of Learning for English and Languages, Ms Kelly, said, ‘This is one of my favourite English events in the school year, as the students enjoy learning in a fun way and showing their improved skills in front of an audience. They often develop techniques to remember key spellings that they will remember forever. This year’s final was a particularly fiercely fought affair. Eventually, Diogo emerged victorious, spelling ‘chlorophyll’ correctly to win, with Lochie runner-up and Nina a very worthy third place. Congratulations to all our finalists!’