Year 4 Explore Joan Miró’s Abstract Universe

On 15th December, Year 4 children set out for a school trip to the Miró Art Gallery in Barcelona. The “Fundació Joan Miró” is an internationally renowned centre for the study and dissemination of Joan Miró’s collection and contemporary art research. During the visit, Year 4 classes had a personal guide through the Joan Miró’s art exhibits and then toured the museum’s garden where children could admire some of the artist’s sculptures, a very particular and personal universe of shapes and colours.

Ms Davies, Ms Stanfield, Ms O´Connor, Ms Edge and Ms Smith, Year 4 teachers and learning assistants, organised this trip in connection with their Art curriculum this term. The aim of the activity was for the children to gain more of an appreciation for the Catalan artist and his highly-praised work as they are studying Miró and his art techniques in class. Children were thus encouraged to develop their sensitivity towards Art and make their own interpretations based on the emotions and associations provoked by the works of art.

Ms O´Connor, Year 4 Amber teacher, said “The children thoroughly enjoyed it and had a great time. There was so much for them to see and take in. It was wonderful watching the children so engaged with Miró’ art!” She added: “They felt they had a greater appreciation for his artwork after this trip”.

The parents who volunteered their time were a huge help and we would like to say a huge thank you for their collaboration.