Year 12 Students and Parents at Second BSB “Speed Mentoring Forum”

As part of our wider provision for Sixth Formers, and building up on the whole “6th Form Experience”, last November Mr Petrie, Academic Deputy Head of Secondary of BSB Castelldefels, organised the second edition of our successful “Speed Mentoring Forum”.

This is a networking event where Year 12 students and parents from different professions come together to share interests, background knowledge, expertise, experience and real-life advice. This year the event was scheduled earlier in the school year to get students thinking with ample time in preparation for the University application process, which starts in Year 12. Parents and students from both BSB campuses, Castelldefels and Sitges, participated.

We have had the opportunity to speak to Mr Petrie and ask him about the outcome of this second edition:

Which professions were represented in the forum this year?

We had 13 parents, representing a broad range of professions, from Law to the Chemical Engineering Industry and from the Environmental Sector to Pharmacy.

Which goals did you plan to attain for this second edition?

We planned for the event to take place earlier in the school year, so as to build on the momentum of the Year 12 Presentation event, which took place in October and to allow for greater time in the latter part of the year for more work-related experiences.

Based on the experience from last year, did you introduce any changes/improvements versus the first edition?

Yes, we extended the time each parent had to talk with their different groups about their world of work. This allowed them to go into greater detail and left more time for questions from our students.

What is your overall feedback of this second “Speed Mentoring Forum”?

Feedback was really positive from both the parents who presented and the students. Events involving both groups always go down very well. We have such a wealth of experience and expertise amongst our parent body, that it makes sense to make as much use of it as possible.

Which next steps are scheduled this year to build up on the careers preparation of Sixth Formers?

The next steps will be to invite parents to give longer presentations in assembly and to ask parents to help us look for valuable work-shadowing experiences for our students.

Have you already spotted new improvements for next year?

Yes, I need to provide more representation from the creative industries in order to balance up the range of presentations.

We wish to thank those parents who took the time to participate in this activity and we look forward to a continued successful working relationship with the parent community for the benefit of our students’ education and future.

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