Year 5 Meet a Real Firefighter!

Just imagine the excitement of our Year 5 children when a firefighter came into school on the 14th December! All children in the world love firefighters, their uniforms, their fire engines, the hoses, ladders, lights and alarms… So, to build up on the PSHE topic “Fire Safety and Roles in the Community”, the Year 5 team (Mr Antcliffe, Miss Tomlinson and Miss Gilbert) invited David, a Barcelona fireman, to show children the job of a firefighter, help them understand the role they play in the local community, and develop an understanding of fire safety.

David is the cousin of Paula in Year 5 Maroon. He works for the Barcelona Fire Brigade and volunteered to come into the school to talk to the children about his job, what it consists of, the uniform he wears, equipment used and fire safety.

For about 90 minutes, David talked to the Year 5 children about what his job involves, where he works and what a typical day is like. He showed them what he has to wear, and the equipment that he keeps on him and in the fire engine. This included the apparatus for protecting him from smoke, with special breathing equipment, an oxygen tank, and special clothes. He also showed children what happens if he gets into trouble as his suit has a special alarm.

All the children got to try on helmets and protective jackets, while they also all wore the special helmet which covered the whole head and face and was then filled with oxygen. Mr Antcliffe was even given a fireman’s lift and carried across the gym! At the end the Year 5 children had a tug-of-war competition just for fun.

“What a marvellous afternoon! The children learnt so much about the role of a firefighter and appreciated the job they do to protect and help the local community”, Miss Gilbert, Year 5 Blue teacher, said.

“Children loved it and were very excited. Year 5 especially liked trying on all the equipment and learning what to do in a fire emergency. They were fascinated by the protective helmet that was filled with oxygen. This was an interesting and interactive visit! They developed a greater understanding of what the job of a firefighter involves and how they could stay safe”, Mr. Antcliffe, Year 5 Maroon teacher, explained.