“Star Baker” Violeta wins The Great British School of Barcelona Bake Off

The last day of school before the holiday break, students in Year 7 were involved into a new Christmas activity organised by Ms Outram, Ms Fernández and Ms Ferré.

“The Great British School of Barcelona Bake Off” is a new school competition, based on the popular UK television show “The Great British Bake Off”. Daniela in Year 7 wanted to create our own version of the knock-out style competition and worked hard to plan the morning. Altogether, 24 Year 7 students (6 from each House) entered the contest.

Ms Outram, Head of Year 7, explained what the competition consisted of: “In the first round, students competed to decorate 2 biscuits each – one bauble and one Christmas tree. These were awarded points. In the second round, they had to work in groups of 3 to construct and decorate a Christmas biscuit house. The teams then nominated their best baker to compete in the speed round to construct a snowman from marshmallows.”

In the end, Violeta won the “Star Baker” trophy and Bronte House won the most number of points.

Ms Outram said: “Children had a very messy, but very enjoyable and creative morning! The students gained house points for both themselves and for their houses, whilst working together to have fun designing their Christmas decorations and maybe even more fun eating them.“ She added: “Congratulations to Bronte House and to Violeta for getting “Star Baker” and a huge thank you must go to Daniela for coming up with the idea and for organizing the day. We can´t wait to hold the second round before the Easter break!!”