Art Students Explore Printmaking

In mid-December, our Art students in Key Stage 4 and 5 attended a two-day workshop in Art Print Residence, a professional printmaking studio located in a rural location in Arenys de Munt, near Barcelona.

This was an opportunity for our (I)GCSE and A Level groups to work with a group of Master printers with a wealth of knowledge and experience, who shared their expertise in exploring the amazing world of printmaking. The students spent the morning learning about the history of printing and a range of new techniques, and the rest of the day producing fine art prints based on their present coursework.

Art Print Residence specializes in intaglio and other printmaking methods. Therefore, it is an ideal location to learn how to work with different kind of materials and many different tools. Their facilities are equipped with professional resources and supplies, which make it possible for artists and students to experiment with a number of techniques and produce high quality projects.

This is a regular activity in the Art curriculum as it helps “enhance the existing work of all students but most importantly to develop a further discipline in their studies which is an assessable requisite for GCSE”, Mr Perrin, Head of Art, explained.

When asked about the students’ feedback, Mr Perrin exclaimed “Loved it! They produced some exceptional work that will go into their portfolios and on display around the school.”

Mr Musson, Head of Year 13, who also accompanied the students in this creative trip, also said “I Have found this really enlightening and relaxing. What a great day!