What a lovely day in the Zoo!

Last week our young 5-year-old children spent the day in the Barcelona Zoo with their class teachers.

The visit was linked to the Year 1 Science topic of classifying animals, recognising animal types and groups (carnivores, herbivores, omnivores), finding out about their habitats and recall the key facts about the animals that they had learned in class.

It was a very complete day, indeed. First, they had a presentation from a “Zoo Keeper”, who told the children about the characteristics of animals and guided them around some animal enclosures. Then, they visited the rest of the animals as a class with their teacher. After the tour, they watched a Sea Lion show.

Mrs Taylor, Year 1 Scarlet teacher, said “The zoo trip was a great success! We were fortunate enough to have the Zoo more or less all to ourselves as we visited on what must have been a quiet day. The children and I really enjoyed the trip. They particularly liked watching the monkeys play, having a picnic lunch and watching the sea lions splash. Getting close to the animals made the key facts that the children had seen in class come to life!”