Challenging Geography Trip to Delta del Llobregat


On the 17th January the Year 5 and Year 6 students in BSB Sitges went on a 5k walk through the Delta del Llobregat nature reserve with their teachers, Ms Satchel and Ms Usher.

The classes used this visit for many different learning objectives. They walked in the wilderness of the nature reserve, observing birds, horses, insects and plants living in their wild natural habitats. Not only did the children get to enjoy this contact with nature, they learnt about how this space has developed, its relationship with the Barcelona Airport and how it is used by the public. The activities had been carefully chosen to complement topics of learning that the classes are undertaking this year. Both Year 5 and Year 6 explored the role of conservation and wildlife protection in urban planning and expansion. They also used maps and aerial photographs to understand how this location has changed by identifying human and physical features.

Ms Satchel said “It was a great success! The children were challenged and made great progress with the various learning objectives. The opportunity to see birds and animals they had been studying in their wild habitats was a unique experience for them. I also feel important steps were made to understanding the history and geographical features of their surrounding environment”.