BSB Parents Learn Phonics

On 24th January, the Family Club team in Sitges held a new Parents Workshop for parents from Nursery to Year 2. The subject, “Phonics”, was aimed at enabling parents to understand how we teach reading to children in school. During the workshop the BSB teachers explained the system through which they teach Phonics to parents and gave them ideas of how to support their child at home with reading.

Phonics instruction is a core subject in our curriculum at the earliest stages. Phonics involves knowing the connections between printed letters (and combinations of letters) and speech sounds, and using this knowledge to recognise words when reading, and to spell words when writing. Phonics is also critical to successful literacy learning. Being able to support children at home becomes essential for them to develop the necessary and reading skills and learning strategies.

Ms Murphy, Key Stage 1 Leader in BSB Sitges, explained “Parents got an opportunity to see a small part of how their children learn to read. They saw many fun activities which they can now employ at home to engage their child with learning phonics.”