Year 3 Meet a Spinosaurus in the Museu Blau of Barcelona

Last month the Year 3 class in BSB Sitges visited Museu Blau, the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona, located in the Forum Park. The museum has become since 2011 an open and dynamic facility, which aims to share knowledge on the diversity and evolution of the natural world in the context of the current environmental problems that we face today.

The class visited the Museum to meet the demands of the new Key Stage 2 curriculum and engage the children in their new Science topic (rocks and materials/fossils), and Spring term’s topic “From Stone Age to Iron Age”.

Mr McLachlan, teacher of Year 3 Dalí, toured the children round the exhibits of the Museum and then visited the temporary exhibition “Spinosaurus: The Lost Giant of the Cretaceous”, the first known dinosaur adapted for swimming and the largest known carnivorous dinosaur. The children could see a full-size replica of the skeleton and some models, fossils and audiovisual displays that recreate the fauna and ecosystem of North Africa in the Cretaceous period, 95 million years ago.

During the day children conducted tasks linked to the science content and obtained key information about the Spinosaurus’ extinction, which they will be using as the inspiration for their forthcoming writing in class.

All in all, it was a very interesting trip, which children really liked:

“I liked seeing the rocks because they had crystals in them”, Alex said.

“I liked finding out about the Spinosaurus, because they do not exist anymore”, Ignasi said.

“I liked everything; I cannot tell you which bit was my favourite”, Danil said.

“I enjoyed it when we went to the crystals and saw the Spinosaurus. Obviously, I liked lunch too”, Gene said.

According to Mr McLachlan, “The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Museu Blau. The opportunity to see rocks and minerals, that we are not able to access in the classroom, was particularly awe-inspiring for them. They explored the fossils with great curiosity and were amazed by the Spinosaurus exhibition. I cannot wait to see the writing they will produce on the back of this, as it is a subject that they find extremely engrossing.”