19 BSB Students Awarded in Enigma Maths Challenge

Mr Oldfield, Maths teacher in BSB Castelldefels, is proud to announce the results and certificates of the “Enigma Maths Challenge”, which was held at the end of last term.

The Enigma Maths Challenge is a bi-annual series of online, academic challenges designed to be a fun way for students in Years 4 to 13 to learn core constructs in Mathematics without academic or peer pressure. Enigma is conducted in affiliation with the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT), with a 35-year history of engaging 25 million students in over 30 countries.

Enigma Challenge is a 2-round, individual challenge conducted during a flexible 8-week window. This year the first round took place between the 17th October and the 18th November 2016, and the second one on the 30th November 2016.

Mr Olfield explained how this activity was conducted: “This activity is designed to be a voluntary exercise where all students have the opportunity to take part in a globe challenge without pressure. It is designed to promote mathematical problem solving and to enrich the mathematical teaching program being accessible for all but stretching for the gifted or talented students.”

“It involved students from Years 4 to 13 with an aim. Each round was 40 minutes. Round 1 was open to every student and select round-1 participants were then invited to Round 2. Students completed Round 1 at home, while students qualifying for Round 2 had to complete a second challenge under controlled exam conditions in school.”

65 Students from across the school attempted the Challenge. Of these, 19 students qualified for the second round and achieved the following certificates:

Aleksandra (Year 13):        Distinction – top 5%

Eduard (Year 13):               Distinction – top 5%

Alexander (Year 11):          Distinction – top 5%

Andrea (Year 10):               Distinction – top 5%

Ana H. (Year 10):               Distinction – top 5%

Mari (Year 10):                   Distinction – top 5%

Anna T. (Year 10):             Distinction – top 5%

Laura (Year 9):                   Distinction – top 5%

Peter (Year 8):                    Credit – top 15%

Diogo (Year 7):                   Distinction – top 5%

Alex (Year 7):                      Distinction – top 5%

Lucie (Year 7):                    Distinction – top 5%

Judith (Year 7):                  Distinction – top 5%

Alexander (Year 7):           Credit – top 15%

Raül (Year 7):                     Distinction – top 5%

Noa (Year 7):                      Distinction – top 5%

Bogdan (Year 7):               Distinction – top 5%

Aileen (Year 6):                 Distinction – top 5%

Daniel (Year 4):                Distinction – top 5%

Mr Oldfield was very pleased with the outcome of this first BSB participation: “This was an optional activity, so to see students from all the Year groups, from Year 4 to 13, attempt the challenge was very pleasing. To have so many students qualify for the second round and receive awards reflects the talented mathematicians we have across the age groups at The British School of Barcelona.”

Congratulations to all students involved in the challenge, award recipients, Maths teachers in school and Mr Oldfield for these outstanding results in our first participation. We look forward to your taking part again in the next edition!