Year 1 and “The Shoe Tree” Puppet Show

Year 1 enjoyed a wonderful puppet show on the 3rd of February. The “Pea Green Boat” company came to perform “The Shoe Tree”, a play linked to a picture book children are reading in class. The activity was “a really inspiring way to finish our Toy topic. It had all the children enthralled”, said Ms Iqbal, Year 1 teacher.

Both the story and the characters engaged the children so much! The story is inspired by a wishing tree that the author – Emilia Esteban Langstaff – saw in Paphos, Cyprus, which had pieces of cloth attached to its branches. The puppets were made of recycled materials such as cloth, wood, socks or cans. The children were really interested in how the puppets were made and how the show was put together. They asked what materials were used and how the sound worked.

Ms Iqbal explained “Children loved it. One student said “I think you´re amazing” to the puppeteer. The activity met different areas of the curriculum, such as English, Art, Topic and PSHE.  We have had some fantastic cross-curricular work from the children this week as our book of the week is “The Shoe Tree”.