“How about Carnival?” What Our Senior Leadership Say

BSB Castelldefels carnival carnaval

Carnival is excitement and fun, wigs and masks, fancy dresses and make-up, public street parades and masquerade balls. But Carnival is much more than just a festive season. It’s an impressive display of creativity and a mesmerising spectacle of music and dance skills!

This year we have asked our Senior Leadership how they lived the latest Carnival celebrations at school… And this is what they told us!


Nick Lewis, Secondary Deputy Headteacher, BSB Sitges

“Carnival is a long standing cultural tradition in Sitges. Each year the carnival float of dancers visits each of the schools in the Sitges area where dancers entertain and engage students and teachers in the town´s festivities and celebrations. The carnival is a major event on the annual Sitges calendar, a time when everyone in town is able to come together to celebrate diversity; challenge the norm and laugh and dance together.

On Friday 24th February over 80 dancers came into BSB Sitges in elaborate costumes. They paraded through the school dancing and playing music to applause and great excitement. Unfortunately, the weather was less than perfect and the rain meant that we were unable to hold the event outside, as planned. Instead, Secondary students lined the corridors as the procession made its way through. Together with the incredible BSB Castelldefels samba band that visited us and played for nearly half an hour, the dancers treated us to a morning to remember. Many thanks go to all the dancers and organisers of the carnival. Lots of parents dropped their children at the school on Friday wearing costumes themselves and we know that celebrations will have continued throughout the weekend for everyone in the local community and for the many visitors from elsewhere in Spain and overseas.”


James Petrie, Academic Deputy Head of Secondary and Sixth Form, BSB Castelldefels

“Once again Secondary pupils at BSB Castelldefels produced an extraordinary array of ingenious and original outfits for Carnival 2017. I welcomed pupils on the school steps dressed as everything from a Formula 1 driving team complete with car, to pupils representing snow globes from around the world, to slices of pizza. The highlight of the day was the traditional parade through the gym where every costume-wearing pupil had the chance to show off their hard work to the delight of the entire Secondary school, with the best costumes receiving prizes. The dreadful weather didn’t dampen spirits on another wonderful Carnival day!”


Anne Marie Murphy, Key Stage 1 Leader, BSB Sitges

“At our school the celebration of Carnival is something that parents and children very much look forward to. Sitges is famous around the world for its’ Carnival celebrations and our children benefit from being involved in the wider community of Sitges as the Carnival King pays us a special visit as the culmination of our celebrations. Carnival week is full of jovial celebrations and interesting instructions. The King sends us his orders for each day of the week, wearing wigs, turning up in green clothes and wearing something that is way too big were some of his wishes this year. It was great fun and created huge excitement amongst the children. Our theme this year for Primary was ‘Music through the decades’. Our children looked amazing! Their costumes were matched to a decade of music with year 1 dressed up in 1950s clothes and year 6 dressed as modern day singers. It was great fun on the day guessing who was who. Our youngest children in Nursery and Reception chose their favourite music from the current theme they are using in class – ‘Under the Sea’. They dressed as sea creatures and mermaids and danced to music from the ‘Little Mermaid’.“


Judy Dean, Deputy Head of Early Years and Primary, BSB Castelldefels

“Despite the rain, Early Years and Primary children had a wonderful carnival day based on the theme “The Natural World”. The week begin with all of us wearing a hat and culminated in some of the most innovative carnival costumes that we have seen. From groups of jelly fish to trees to spiders to birds with the most amazing plumage and also some very apt rain clouds – the show of originality was amazing. We enjoyed two parades in the gym – looking at the costumes, along with the opportunity to enjoy some carnival day dancing. The fun continued in the classrooms with lots of different carnival learning opportunities. A fabulous carnival day.”