BSB Graduate Eva Vilà Appointed Queen of Sitges Carnival 2017

Eva Vilà Alumni exalumna BSB
We could barely conceal our excitement at the news coming from Sitges! Eva Vilà, former BSB student, was chosen Queen of Sitges Carnival this year. This was a truly deserved reward to a life of commitment to one of the most celebrated and renowned festivities in the area.

We wanted to know how she lived this very special experience and how she is doing now after graduating from BSB. This is what she told us:


Eva, this year you have reigned as Queen of the Sitges Carnival. In 2007 you had already been appointed the Junior Queen of Carnival in Sitges as well. It looks as though you have a very strong link with Carnival and Sitges. Why?

I have always been a big fan of dressing up and since I can remember I’ve had the opportunity to do so. All my family has a special link with the Sitges Carnival, especially my grandfather, who, 30 years ago implemented the figure of the Queen of the Carnival in Sitges and therefore, I have been able to enjoy being the 31st Queen of the Carnival this year.


What does Carnival mean to you? Why are you so enthusiastic about Carnival?

Carnival is an essential part of my life. I am able to do what I love the most, which is Dancing and especially this year, which was a full week of dancing from 9am and to 9pm without stopping. The part which I mostly enjoy about Carnival is the ability to unite people from different backgrounds to forget their troubles and enjoy for a week.


As the Queen of Carnival 2017, what activities did you have to participate in?

It all started on the 18th of February when I was crowned queen in a show full of lights and powerful music in Casino Prado Suburense. Then Sunday a show to choose the small queen, who accompanied me during the week.

The actual craziness of Carnival starts on Thursday (this year Thursday 23) where the king of the Carnival was presented, we took possession of the town hall and went throughout the whole town dancing on our floats.

On Friday the fun starts at 9 am visiting local schools, nurseries and geriatrics all day! This was amazing as the kids look up to be you one day and you help to spread joy amongst the elderly.

On ‘Fardo’ Saturday, together with my crew, we gave the start to the Crazy Bed Race! This took all day and was amazingly funny to watch. That afternoon, there was a kids party in Plaça Catalunya which was super fun.

On Sunday and Tuesday are the most exciting days! In the afternoon there is the Kids Parade and at night the Adults Parade which consist of hours and hours of dancing.

On Monday we did a ‘Chocolatada’ for all the Kids in the Parade, full of activities, and of course, lots of dancing.

On the last day, Ash Wednesday, my husband, the king of the Carnival, escaped and we didn’t find him. Thinking he was dead, I cried a lot, and that was the end of one of the best weeks of my life.


Which of these was the most special to you? Why?

I cannot choose only one event but I can certainly choose one day. This day is Friday. It brought me so much joy to see how the children look up to become like me some day and how the elderly remember the Carnivals of their past.


As a former student of BSB, you were involved in the organisation of the “Brits”, the BSB float, for four years in a row. What was your contribution to the event? Do you miss those days?

Together with Mrs Serra I took the responsibility to extend the joy which I felt from being in the Sitges Carnival to the students of The British School of Barcelona. It was a very stressful task but I really miss rehearsing with my 80 girls and 5 boys and enjoying Carnival with them.


In June 2015 you graduated from BSB. What are you doing now?

I am now in second year studying European Studies with French in Royal Holloway University of London.


How’s your life different now from school days?

I now live away from home, although some of my BSB friends live here in London so it makes it easier. The amount of independent work is much higher than in school, but I really enjoy what I study so I do it happily.


To what extent do you think the opportunities you were given in BSB have influenced the way you lead your life at present?

The British School of Barcelona’s international environment has made it easy for me to now have friends from all types of backgrounds. Furthermore, my work ethic, which was firstly implemented in the last years of studying in the BSB has allowed me to be organized with my work, and for now achieve all my goals in university.


Are you still engaged in any music, dance or artistic activity in your daily life?

I am currently a member of Royal Holloway Dance society. I dance nearly every day, I do competitions representing my university and shows every term. As well as, each year for Carnival I take part in a show called ‘Carrusel’ in Casino Prado. We practice since September, and in my case thorough videos and real life rehearsals when I go to Sitges for the holidays.


What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the perfect future would be go back to Barcelona to do my master’s degree in Diplomacy and ideally become an ambassadress for Spain. Hopefully, if I go back I can retake the ‘Brits’ crew so the children of The British School of Barcelona keep on enjoying Carnival as much as I do.