Amazing Southbank International School London Visits BSB String Ensemble

BSB & Southbank International School concert concierto

Amazing Southbank International School London Visits BSB String Ensemble

Last week, the Southbank International School London String Orchestra came to BSB for a four-day exchange visit. A group of music students from Year 3 to Year 12, from BSB Sitges and BSB Castelldefels, had the opportunity to share and learn together and perform a series of concerts.

The relationship with Southbank School String Orchestra is not new. This was their second visit to school and our students also went to London in November last year. As part of the Cognita Group, this type of exchange trips allows us to strengthen bonds between international schools, offer our students live concert opportunities (both performing and listening, as per the music national curriculum requirements) and enhance the social and moral development of the students who are involved in these exchange programmes. Additionally, this was a great opportunity to develop the work that the school’s string orchestra had been doing on their Friday after-school club.

Director of Learning Arts, Mr Hebden, explained that the students had been practicing the string orchestra pieces since the start of the year as two schools. So, this was the chance to put it all together. They did a total of 7 concerts (4 at BSB Castelldefels, 2 at BSB Sitges and one general public performance in El Retiro, a famed nineteenth-century association in Sitges, thus taking our music into the local community as well). The Southbank students also enjoyed an evening out in Sitges, a trip to the beach, an evening tour of Barcelona, amongst other things.

Mr Hebden said, “Once again this was a fantastic series of events for the students of both Southbank and BSB. Students involved worked really hard and I am really proud of their achievement. Students of both BSB Castelldefels and Sitges benefitted from the concerts and watching live high-quality music performances is a part of the music curriculum. Being a part of the Cognita Group gives us opportunities to collaborate with other schools and for the students to share experiences like this. Children loved it. They can’t wait to visit Southbank London in December this year.”

Well-done Richard, Izabella Johanna, Noa, Maria (Year 7), Mithran, Carlota, Monami (Year 9), Anna (Year 10), Flavia (Year 12), Maria, Africa, Sara, Hestia (Primary), Sebastian and Daniiel (BSB Sitges)!!

And thank you Mr Hebden, Mr Martínez (Primary Music teacher), Ms Lewis (Violin teacher) in BSB and the Southbank team for making this learning experiences possible for our students.

Watch a video of the live Film Music String Concert in El Retiro on Tuesday, 14th March here.