Year 9 Sociales students visit the MNAC

Building up on the Sociales syllabus, the BSB Castelldefels Year 9 students visited the MNAC (Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) on 15th March.

The Romanesque and Gothic Art is one of the topics covered this term. According to their teacher, Mr Rius, “Students have to learn to identify and appreciate art forms and styles, and be able to explain their significance for our culture”. Therefore, this activity was intended to show the connection existing between our iconographic world and that of the Romanesque and Gothic art in order to highlight their similarities and differences and have a better understanding of both.

The Museum’s Medieval Romanesque and Gothic Art collections comprise a noteworthy range of art pieces, such as the biggest and oldest mural and panel paintings in Europe, outstanding metalwork, wood and stone sculptures, liturgical works, altarpieces, and decorative pieces, among others.

The students and their teachers (Miss Martínez, Mrs Reyes and Mr Rius) enjoyed a guided tour round the exhibitions and discussed some of the most significant artwork. It was especially enlightening, because they had the chance to show what they had already learnt in class and relate it to the artworks they were looking at.

Mr Rius explained, “The guided tour highlighted the connection between our world innovative technologies (centered on image) and medieval handicraft. Our Year 9 students learnt about techniques, materials, layout and the underlying world view. They were able to apply the notions they had acquired in the previous school lessons by actively participating in the dialogue with the guide and raising questions about the pieces on display.”