Exciting Year 2 Learning Experience in Catalunya en Miniatura

The Year 2 children of BSB Castelldefels spent an exciting day on Monday, 20th March, at Catalunya en Miniatura, a very interesting theme park which showcases the most important places of Catalonia through scale models. The visit was linked to this term’s Geography topic work based on “A Journey through Spain”, with a focus on Catalonia.

The children had 2 activities to complete. First, they had a walk around the ‘map’ of Catalunya, looking at and discussing the scale models of such impressive world heritage sites as modernist Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Roman Tarraco in Tarragona and Romanesque Vall de Boí in Lleida, along with the models of many other beautiful Catalan sights, such as Montserrat, Costa Brava and mountain ski resorts in the Pyrenees.

The second activity involved an adventure circuit with children climbing up in the trees and sliding down zip wires. A most enjoyable, challenging experience, indeed!

The Year 2 team (Mrs Labays, Mrs McAllister and Mrs Smith) planned this trip to allow the children to become more familiar with key features/buildings/landmarks in Catalunya, enhancing the work already covered in topic this term. The children were also able to work on leadership qualities such as determination and achievement as they scaled the adventure circuit.

Mrs McAllister, Year 2 Indigo teacher, said, “The children had a great day. They enjoyed interacting with the models on the map and their favourite activity was the adventure circuit. It is the first time the Year 2 pupils at BSB have visited this place and it was a wonderful experience for them. So, we will hopefully go again next year.”