Terrific Science Week at BSB Sitges!

Last week the Early Years and Primary department in BSB Sitges celebrated the “Science Week”, a terrific exhibition of scientific experiments and activities leading up to a Primary Science Fair on Friday, the first ever in the school.

The BSB Science Week is our local celebration of the “British Science Week”, which runs every March. BSW is a grassroots celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths, with an aim to inspire budding young scientists and stimulate their curiosity about the world.

At BSB Sitges all the events were planned “to promote and celebrate the status of science-learning and innovation in EYFS and Primary school. And, of course, to have fun with science!”, Mrs Monaghan, Primary Deputy headteacher, said.

Each class spent the entire week creating and carrying out their own science investigations. The hard work accumulated in a well-attended Science Fair where each class presented their findings and experiments to their friends and families.

The students enjoyed the opportunity to become scientist for a week and gain practical experience through hands-on practice with what they had learnt in class:

“A super incredible week!” (River)

“I loved it very much because we learnt so many new things!” (Ainhoa)

“It was so exciting and fun! We made plastic out of milk and vinegar. We poured the liquid plastic into moulds, and after a day it hardened and we had our own plastic form to keep!” (Katja)

Miss Satchel, Year 5 teacher, also said, “It was great to have an intensive week dedicated to science. It really gave the children the opportunity to get to grips with scientific methods, and to really experiment! Over the week, the children´s scientific vocabulary really developed and they began to apply it with increasing sophistication. Similarly, the children´s understanding and application of methods and statistics grew remarkably. It was just a great week!”

Well-done, BSB Sitges!