BSB Sitges holds Parents Workshop on Social Media

Parents of Years 7 and 8 students met on Wednesday, 29th March, to discuss social media. This was an initiative from the Secondary department in BSB Sitges, which links to the BSB commitment to keep our children as safe as they can be.

Nicholas Lewis, Deputy Secondary Headteacher, would like to thank all the parents who were able to attend and is keen to receive thoughts from other parents regarding the points set out, below. A next step will be a drop-in or workshop to help parents set parental controls.

Parents concerns included:

  • Online friendships with unknown people
  • Unkind and hurtful comments from others
  • Obscene and age-inappropriate conversations and material
  • Cyberbullying
  • Impact on social engagement at home
  • Depriving own children of what other children have and are using
  • Not knowing enough to fully support and guide

Some of the agreements with regards to what they thought were:

  • Parents should introduce social media to their children
  • Agree with your child that you own the passwords
  • Never give any personal information on the internet (and how easily in online conversations these details are given out)
  • Never friend someone you don´t know
  • No secrets, be prepared to share everything with parents
  • Having a mobile is a prize, not a right
  • Parents own and set-up all social media accounts
  • At home, no phones with food (that´s when the family talk together)
  • No electronics (phones, computers…) in bedrooms
  • Computers set up in public areas of the home so everyone can see what is happening
  • Only write what you would say directly to someone´s face
  • Postpone social media for as long as possible
  • Social media boundaries are the same as physical boundaries (´if they can´t go to the museum alone, they are not ready for social media alone´)
  • Go onto the app first yourself, understand it
  • FaceTime App is a good social media experience, a good starting point
  • Headphones and on-line gaming is also treated as social media
  • Share conversations you are worried about with the school