Nursery classes make “Monas de Pascua”

BSB Nursery Infantil Can Montcau

Before Easter our Nursery children spent a lovely morning in Can Montcau with their teachers. The activity was called “Monas de Pascua”, in reference to the traditional (and delicious) original cake of Easter Monday (“Día de la Mona”).

Easter Monday is a much-celebrated day in Catalonia. It is a bank holiday and the widespread tradition goes that godfathers buy a “Mona” (cake) for their godchildren for such special occasion. These cakes have become so popular that sizes, decorations and ingredients (though mainly chocolate) vary every year and are a real sight to see!

The trip was linked to the subjects “Understanding the world” and “Understanding the Technology”, both in the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Children have to learn to recognise and describe special times or event for families or friends, as well as show an interest in technological toys, such as a camera.

The children spent three hours making “Monas de Pascua”, touring the farm and exploring the animals in their natural setting.

Ms Jackson, Penguin class teacher, said “the Nursery children had a wonderful time at Can Montcau. They loved every minute and enjoyed making the “Monas de Pascua”. The children also enjoyed exploring the farm and seeing the animals in their natural surroundings.