Michelin-Starred Restaurant Imparts a Workshop during BSB Science Week

On 31st March, BSB Castelldefels held a workshop with Nil Dulcet, chief cook of Disfrutar Catalan restaurant. Disfrutar was set up by the three most recent chefs of renowned El Bulli restaurant, and has been awarded a Michelin star and recognised as the Best Restaurant in Europe 2016, as well as holding other prestigious awards.

During this talk, which put an end to the BSB Science Week, Mr Dulcet discussed the value of creativity and innovation, and the importance of teamwork. Given the practical nature of the session, the students could learn firsthand what a business day of the cook and his team is like through a series of demonstrative videos which reflected the use of science as an innovation ingredient in haute cuisine. The students were also given the chance to taste some of the most innovative dishes in the restaurant’s menu.

According to Mr Whellams, Director of Chemistry, “The restaurant’s visit has been key to a successful Science Week in the BSB. Thanks to Nil Dulcet’s talk, our students have learnt about the application of Chemistry in everyday aspects, such as cuisine, and reinforced the importance of this discipline, which is crucial in the gastronomic offer of premium chefs and the most influential restaurants in the world.”

Nil Dulcet said “It has been a real pleasure to bring the world of professional cooking closer to the students of The British School of Barcelona. I am very proud of the outcome of the session since I was able to convey ideas such as the relevance of science in our everyday activity, the importance of team work and the need to have environmental awareness, now more than ever.“

Eduard Xatruch, Oriol Castro and Mateu Casañas, chefs of the prestigious restaurant, also highlighted the goal of their creations: “We try to move people through our dishes. Art is precisely this, provoking emotions. So cuisine and art would be related through emotions. In terms of science, we transform ingredients and récipes with different techniques and tools… we use everything available with the common goal of generating emotions. We are pleased to share our knowledge and values with young students.”

The Secondary Science & Engineering Week is a key event in the Science department of the BSB. Every Spring term, the busy agenda includes class activities, lunchtime workshops, special guests, trips and competitions. This year, both students and staff got excited with the hatching of seven chicks in the school!

Also, it is worth mentioning the work of some of our Year 11 students who participated in the science video competition. Special congratulations to Thibault and Youssef for their winning video, “Maglev”. The judges remarked that “the video contained an extensive level of detail whilst still keeping content accessible to all high school aged pupils. The use of a physical model also helped enrich the video and made it more engaging to watch.” The video has been entered into the Harry and Margaret Kroto Prize for Innovative Use of Technology in Science Learning competition ran by the University of Sheffield. Good luck!.

You can watch the video here: vimeo.com/209892472