Over 100 Primary Music Students Perform at the BSB

BSB Music recitals
For the first time, and coinciding with the end of the Spring Term, our Music students in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) performed a series of instrument recitals in the school Theatre.

It was a very ambitious event, where 86 students performed a solo piece of music, and there were performances of the Year 6 Rock band and the Year 3/4 choir as well.

The vast majority of the students have instrument lessons within school, but students who take lessons outside school were also invited to perform, since this fits well with the Music national curriculum according to which students should be able to demonstrate their skills in performing with control and fluency.

Although it was first and foremost a celebration of the students’ hard work on their instrument, the activity was also meant to develop students’ confidence with performing in front of an audience and develop their social, moral and cultural skills, as well as empathy and support for other students.

The recitals were organised by Mr Hebden and Mr Rodrigo, and were supported by our instrument teachers: Mr Voskens (drum kit), Mr Lenson (guitar), Ms Lewis (violin), Ms Llauradó (piano) and Mr Plaza (Woodwind). Mrs Roa and Ms Hunter also led the school choir.

Students had been very busy preparing their pieces since November and really enjoyed performing for their classmates, teachers and parents. Teachers were also very proud of them:

“I was very proud of the choirs performances, over 60 students sang together. It was an outstanding effort from Year 3 and 4”, Ms Hunter, Teacher of Music.

“It was a fantastic opportunity for our students and they were very excited about it. I was glad to see them performing confidently in front of an audience and impressed with their hard work. The event was run successfully in collaboration with all the Music Department at BSB Castelldefels. I look forward to the next edition”, Mr Ezquerro, Early Years and Primary Music Teacher.

“This was another excellent event and demonstrates the musical success of multiple students. I am really pleased to have seen the primary students develop their skills over the year and how many of our students play musical instruments”, Mr Hebden, Director of Arts.


At the BSB we are very fortunate to have such a strong team of instrument teachers and be able to deliver over 200 students individual music lessons at the school. If you would like to have more information about out instrument lessons follow this link.