The BSB raises 610 euros for UNICEF on Sant Jordi

On Sunday, 23rd April, the BSB joined the Catalan community all over Catalonia in celebrating the Diada de Sant Jordi, one of the most beautiful traditions in our country.

Coinciding with Saint George, the patron saint of Catalonia, and the World’s Book Day, the tradition has it that couples give one another a rose and a book. This is such a worshipped and well-regarded custom that nowadays the rose-book exchange has already been extended to relatives and friends, and the practise has even reached other countries in the world! On a Sant Jordi’s Day no one would miss a stroll around the crowded avenues with plenty of old-and-new book stalls and colourful flower arrangements to peruse.

This year a group of parents of the BSB, supported by the school, organised a fundraising book stall where families could buy second-hand English language books, participate in storytelling and enjoy some art and crafts activities.

All the proceeds from this event are being donated to UNICEF, as the BSB is “Escuela Amiga de UNICEF” since 2013.

Mrs Reyes, one of the parents organising the event, said, “The fundraising event on Sunday at Castelldefels Sant Jordi´s fair went really, really well. We managed to raise a total of 610 euros for Unicef. It was a fun day for all. We were given a great spot to put our stall and local council people told us they expect us next year again, so this could certainly become an annual event.”


The comments of some parents who volunteered to help also reflect the spirit of the day:

“What a fantastic success! Well done to everyone who organised the BSB stand!”

“I had a lovely time and so did my family”

“What a fabulous day, what a great team!”

“A great initiative and a wonderful opportunity to meet and share”

“Amazing! What a great team. I look forward to it being an annual event”

“It was a great and successful initiative!”

“Many BSB people came together at different times during the day and it was an amazing experience for many. We hope yesterday was a symbol of more good things to come”


Thank you very much to these parents for their initiative and to everyone visiting us, both on behalf of the BSB and UNICEF!