GCSE Drama Students Create Their Own Star Performances

BSB Year 11 Drama-Teatro-Teatre
Building on the GCSE Drama course, on 20th March Year 11 Drama students ran their Practical Performances in front of an audience (parents, staff and fellow students) in the school Theatre.

Each group of 4 had to create a play based on the exam board’s theme, ‘Looking Back/Looking Forward’. After 6 weeks of research, writing, preparation and rehearsal of their own work with the assistance from the Drama Department, they produced some star performances of ‘A View from the Bridge’, ‘A Lamb to the Slaughter’ and ‘Blood Brothers’.

Ms Plummer, their Drama teacher, said “This is an essential part of their GCSE course, which helps them complete 40% of their practical requirement. The students enjoyed the experience and we are very proud of the work they created. They are a very talented group with excellent groupwork skills. The course helps consolidate skills of trust and confidence, leading to some outstanding performances. They have proven themselves to be independent and very creative. Well done!”

Ms Plummer further explained: “Drama at the BSB continues to grow, with the GCSE now with its third year, and with A Level Drama in Year 12 and from next year, it will extend to Year 13 as well.”