Year 12 Silver International Award Practice Adventurous Journey

From Thursday, 30th March to Saturday, 1st April, the Silver International Award students went out on a 3-day training expedition with Mr Oldfield, Mr Woodward and Mr Taylor.

Adrià, Carlota, Eric, Marta, Enrique, Jesús, Marcel and Hannah had to complete various activities to prepare them for the assessed adventurous section of the Silver International Award by developing the skills they will require. The students where self-sufficient for the 3 days and activities included a geocache circuit where students had to find 12 small objects hidden at locations marked on a map, camping for the 3 days, preparing and cooking their own meals on camp stoves, a trek of over 20km to test their navigational skills and visit to points of interest in La Llacuna area (Anoia).

According to Mr Oldfield, “Students enjoyed their 3 days and are looking forward to the assessed expedition”. So, well done and good luck in June!


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