Year 7 Explore Ancient Egyptian Civilisation

In April 46 “Sociales” students of BSB Castelldefels visited the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona. This is a regular trip in the subject curriculum, as it helps building on and enriching the students’ class work during the Spring term.

Together with their Sociales teachers, Mrs Reyes, Miss Martínez and Mr Ríos, the students took part in a guided tour and a workshop. As they walked around the different rooms and exhibits of the museum, they could learn first-hand and get familiar with the different topics of the ancient Egypt they had seen in class: Pharaoh, society, everyday life, funerary world, art, myth, magic and religion.

The students showed great enthusiasm and were very active during the two-hour visit of the museum, since the topic is so interesting and appealing to them. According to their teachers, the students were fascinated by the mummies and thoroughly enjoyed the hieroglyphs workshop. They got an insight into this writing system, found out how they came to decipher them, and played the role of a scribe by writing on a papyrus.

Mrs Reyes said: “We think it was a very interesting visit, because it allowed students to participate very actively, not just as mere visitors, and demonstrate they could answer confidently to the guide’s questions.”