‘Reading at Home’ – Practical Tips for Parents

BSB Reading Workshop - Taller Lectura
On the 27th April Mrs Lesley Walker, BSB English Subject Leader for EYFS and Primary, conducted a new Family Club Workshop for parents of 5-12-year-old children in BSB Castelldefels.

The ‘Reading at Home’ workshop was aimed at encouraging parents to read effectively with their children at home with an emphasis on reading for pleasure.

Reading is a critical skill which needs to be developed and consolidated within a broad, balanced and enjoyable curricular experience throughout the Primary school. Mastering basic literacy skills is fundamental to the life chances of each individual and must continue to develop during the entire period of Secondary education.

Research shows that the support of parents who are engaged in their child’s learning has a significant positive impact on a child’s educational achievement. So, the workshop attracted very many parents (over 30!) who were interested in learning how to help their children to read. The workshop covered:

  • Practical tips on how parents can read with children at home
  • Tips on how to engage reluctant readers
  • Language games to play online or at home which involve reading skills
  • Useful websites and suggested reading lists for children aged 5-12

The workshop was a great success! Mrs Walker commented, “It was great to see so many parents so keen to develop a positive reading environment at home. They are their children’s most important role models, their most influential teacher, actually. I would love to hear of future success stories in reading at home.”

12 Quick tips to make reading at home a positive experience:

  1. Choose a quiet time
  2. Don’t read for too long
  3. Make reading enjoyable
  4. Maintain the flow
  5. Be positive
  6. Success is the key
  7. Visit the Library
  8. Regular practice
  9. Talk about the books
  10. Variety is important
  11. Read stories to your child
  12. Play games

The complete resource booklet of the workshop can be downloaded from the Parents’ Portal, Documents section / Family Club category. Click here to login.