Award-Winning Author Rob Lloyd Jones Visits BSB

As part of the Year 6-7 ‘Transition Day’ which took place on Friday 12th May at BSB Castelldefels for students from both year groups and both campuses to meet, mix and learn in a fun, varied day, Ms Kelly (Director of Learning for English and Languages) and Mrs Walker (English Leader for EYFS and Primary) arranged a visit by award-winning children’s author Rob Lloyd Jones.

This started as an English cross-school project to inspire our young readers and writers, which was built into a full transition day for Year 6 into Year 7, with the opportunity for students from both our campuses to get to know each other further in a fun, varied day of events: ranging from Maths, P.E. and Drama to Music and Creative Writing. In the afternoon, Sitges students also enjoyed language taster sessions in French and German with Mrs Ball and Ms Amado.

Mr Lloyd Jones gave an inspirational talk on becoming a writer to students in Year 6 and Year 7 in our theatre, followed by creative writing workshops, interspersed with Drama based on a key scene from ‘Macbeth’, volleyball skills, Maths fun and Music. The students listened intently to the entertaining talk from the writer as well as enjoying the opportunity to buy personally signed and dedicated books from some of his most popular series on the day. They were thrilled:

‘It was a really fun day. We enjoyed asking the writer about where his inspiration came from.’

‘I enjoyed the ‘Egyptology’ stories which led to the ‘Jake Atlas’ series.’

‘ I am looking forward to the film of ‘Wild Boy’ which should come out next year.’

‘Apart from meeting the author, who was really funny, I can’t decide which was my favourite activity – they were all good fun! I’m really looking forward to going into secondary – the teachers are really great!’

Ms Kelly commented, ‘It was exciting to meet a highly successful, published writer, who really engaged with the students. We wanted to give students a chance to meet a real writer and find out about the writing and publishing process, as well as how narratives work. We built this in to a whole day of activities. A big thank you to all the staff who were involved in organising the day, delivering the sessions and for giving the students a fun Friday, which will make them excited about joining our Secondary school in September. The students were buzzing with excitement after their morning and many started reading their personally-dedicated books in the afternoon.’

Mrs Walker added, ‘The children were really looking forward to this big transition day – and they certainly weren’t disappointed. Rob Lloyd Jones was entertaining as well as inspirational – he really knew how to connect with the children. The secondary teachers’ activities were fast paced and fun and the children, some of whom were a bit nervous about the transition to secondary, are now eager to move on. It was also great to see the children meeting up with their friends from Sitges who they’d been with in London just a short time ago. Thank you to all involved; it was a great day.’

In addition to Ms Kelly and Mrs Walker organizing this superb day, the teachers in Secondary involved in delivering the fun sessions were: Mr Petrie, Ms Manley, Ms Outram, Ms Papastylianou, Mr McDonagh, Ms Hunter, Mrs Ball and Ms Amado. Thank you all!