Year 8 Explore their Inner Peace

On 3rd May, Year 8 students took part in an Inner Peace workshop, a brand-new activity organised by their Music teacher, Miss Hunter, to channel inner peace through the use of Indian music.

Year 8 have been learning about Indian music and the spiritual energy behind it. They have also been composing their own pieces of Indian Raga leading up to their performance assessment this week. During the 50-minute workshop, the specialists introduced the students to the sitar and gave them a live performance, which was a fantastic and rare experience for them to understand in detail how this instrument works and is played. Students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and got involved in all the activities. They even had the chance to try the sitar out for themselves.

Miss Hunter said, “This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to work alongside some experienced Indian musicians. They delivered the workshop brilliantly and had the students engaged throughout, explaining in detail about the background of the instruments, structure of the music and reinforcing concepts we are learning in class. It was such a rare gift to see a live sitar performance, the students thoroughly enjoyed it and got a chance to try out the sitar themselves. I even managed to get a sitar lesson after the workshop had ended!”

At the BSB we welcome all initiatives to enrich our students’ curriculum and help them make connections with the work they do in class.