Nursery Children Go to the Beach!

On 8th May, all the Nursery classes of BSB Castelldefels enjoyed a warm lovely morning at the Castelldefels beach. The trip consisted of a walk down to the beach where the children used their buckets and spades to dig and make sand castles, and went down to the water for a paddle in small groups. They also had time to play on the climbing equipment and swings, and had a picnic at the beach with their teachers, Tracey, Emma, Steve and Nuala.

This is a regular activity of the Summer term, which helps fulfill some of the requirements of the EYFS curriculum regarding Understanding the World, Self Confidence and Self Awareness, Physical Development, Communication and Language. It was a great opportunity for the children to learn new vocabulary associated with the beach, get to know the local natural environment, develop their self-confidence and become aware of self-care measures related to road-crossing, and sun and water safety.

Mr Steve Rochester said, ‘We were eager to take the opportunity to explore the natural environment and expose the children to experiences outside of their usual day-to-day school life. We are lucky to have such a valuable natural resource on our doorstep and to be able to visit is of real benefit to the children’s confidence in new situations and to their knowledge of the natural world. The children really had a great time!’