The Year 5 Superkids Strike Back!

BSB Castelldefels - Year 5 show - actuación
The BSB became home to 81 Superheroes during the annual Year 5 Summer Show in early May.

The Year 5 children performed their amazing production of The Superkids Strike Back! An all singing, all dancing spectacular written by Mr Antcliffe, Year 5 Maroon teacher, and directed by the Year 5 teachers, Miss Gilbert and Mrs Tomlinson.

The show depicted the story of five lost children in search of a school, who eventually came across the BSB – The British School of Superheroes. All of the children in this school, so the story went, were Superkids, with amazing superhero powers like flight, speed, strength and sonic hearing. However, in order to attend the school the five children had to prove they were “super” in some way. Would they succeed? Or would Doctor Disaster and his evil team from The British School of Supervillains defeat them and take over the BSB? All was revealed in an hour of astonishing acting, stunning songs, and hilarious jokes!

Needless to say, the children loved it! And so did their parents! Every child was involved in singing and dancing, with some having speaking parts, while others appeared in the promotional video for The British School of Superheroes. It was a terrific show ending with all of the Year 5 children singing together ‘Holding Out for a Hero’ and ‘We’re the Superkids’ (a breaking hit based on ‘It’s Raining Men’).

Mr Antcliffe said, ‘I was so proud of the Year 5 children and the amazing effort they put into learning their lines. They sang their hearts out on stage, and showed boundless enthusiasm in their performances – what a talented group of children!’. He added, ‘This kind of shows are a fantastic opportunity for children to develop their speaking and listening skills, build up their competence in drama, dance and music, and improve their self-confidence on stage’.

Miss Gilbert, Year 5 Blue teacher, also said, ‘All of the children in Year 5 had such fun on stage. We had lots of hilarious jokes that made everyone laugh, while the parents could sing along to the songs that they knew’.

Super-well-done, kids!

Special thanks to Rodrigo, BSB Primary Music teacher, who helped with the music arrangements and rehearsals, and to Silvia, Sarah, Patricia, Sonia and Mónica (Spanish and Catalan teachers) who did the Catalan version of the ‘Dragon Ball Z’ song.

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