The ‘Magic of the Musicals’ on the BSB Stage

BSB Magic of the Musicals

On 15th May, the Theatre of BSB Castelldefels equaled a West End stage with a terrific musical extravaganza tribute to some of the finest and best loved songs ever.

The ‘Magic of the Musicals’ show was the culmination of months of hard work of this Society who had been preparing this event all throughout the Spring term during society time and for three more weeks after the Easter holidays during lunch times.

The Society was centered around learning songs and dances from specific musicals and giving the students a chance to perform in front of an audience the work that they had been doing, which is an essential part of the formal Music curriculum and also fits well into the Enrichment Programme: “A great way to boost confidence through performing both solo and in groups and get the children working together as a team across different year groups”, said Mr Hebden, Director of Learning Arts.

The result was an amazing piece of staging and production design featuring the students’ selection of four musicals: Pitch Perfect, Annie, Grease and High School Musical.

Mr Hebden said, “The students had a fantastic time. They had worked extremely hard and put in a lot of effort to achieve what they managed to and it all paid off! They were brilliant on and off stage. Singing and dancing at the same time is particularly challenging, needing a great deal of breath control. The end performance was great. We have some very talented students here at the BSB.”

Ms Hunter, Music teacher, added “It was a fantastic opportunity for the students to show off their talents and to perform in front of their peers and family. It was great seeing the students developing their confidence and stage presence”

To round off an exceptional evening, the students, parents and teachers were treated to a surprise performance of ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ by Miss Hunter and Mr Hebden. A tremendous hit all in all!

Congratulations to the brilliant students who made this event possible:

  • Year 7: Diego, Laura, Elsa, Emma, Lucie, Daisy, Zoë, Paulina, Gaia
  • Year 8: Lara, Ana, Coraly
  • Year 9: Karlotha, Sofia, Adriana, Victoria, Alia, Ginnie, Anna, Lia, Esther, Almudena, Paola
  • Year 10: Aleksia, Ana H, Anna M, Ariadna, Cayetana
  • Year 12: Flavia

See the ‘Magic of the Musicals’ Programme here.