Thrilling Maths Day for KS2 BSB Mathletes

On Friday, 26th May children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 of BSB Castelldefels enjoyed a full day of fun, interesting and educational Maths activities. The idea behind was ‘to cultivate an enjoyment and love for this subject, stimulate minds, develop mastery and problem solving skills, and encourage those who find it difficult and unenjoyable to enjoy it through interesting and exciting activities’, Mr Antcliffe, KS2 Maths coordinator explained.

The day started with an exciting assembly where the children were told all about the day and set a series of challenges. They then went back to their classes or Maths groups to carry these out.

The challenges were:

  • A timestables challenge! Children had to time themselves to answer 100 questions in the quickest time possible. There will be a champion for each class, year group, and the whole key stage who will be revealed in the upcoming Celebration Assemblies.
  • A KS2 survey! All of the children and teachers in KS2 were asked three questions: Who is your favourite superhero? What would you like to have in the new patio? And what would be your ideal school dinner? All of the results were then passed onto the classes to total the results, put the data into bar graphs or pie charts, and then analyse it. This will be taken into account when deciding the improvements that can be made in school.
  • A Maths trail! The children went outside and completed a series of tasks including finding all the 2D shapes that make up the Theatre, finding the perimeter and area of the astroturf using just their bodies, and finding the fraction of bikes and scooters parked at the BSB, amongst other things.
  • Maths Art! Year 3 made some Klee shapes, Year 4 had a go at some Fibonacci Circles, Year 5 made geometric stars, while Year 6 constructed some Pi cityscapes.
  • Paper plane challenge! Year 6 made paperplanes, then attempted to find their speed by measuring the distance they travelled in a certain time.

It was definitely a full Maths immersion day, since all of the teachers spent the whole day teaching Maths, even in Spanish, Catalan and PE lessons!

‘The students loved it and were really excited to complete Maths activities that were more than just calculating sums and writing answers in a book. This was a great way to get the children thinking about Maths in non-traditional ways, proving that it can be fun and enjoyed by everyone, whatever their ability! Even the children who don’t usually like Maths found at least one aspect of it that they could enjoy and be enthusiastic about.’ Mr Antcliffe said.

And that’s what education at BSB is really all about, indeed!

Well-done Mathletes!