BSB Fundraising Summer Fair Raises 3,400 euros

We are pleased to announce that our children, parents and school staff all together have raised 3,400 euros for AMIS, a local non-for-profit association of parents with disabled children, based in Sitges.

The BSB Summer Fair is organised by the BSB Primary Fundraising Society every year. This time the Year 5 and Year 6 children were supported by the newly set up BSB Parent Group, who helped them design the fair around the internationality of the school. The event thus became an International Summer Fair, where parents ran tables from different countries with food, games and music from all around the world.

Children and teachers also ran stalls with music, books, DVDs, and all sort of activities, such as face painting, henna tattooing and nail decorating. Wonderful prizes were given out at the fundraising raffle thanks to the kind donation of many parents, and some companies, such as Unilever España and Els Menuts de la Pineda, actively participated with ice-creams, games and activities. Live music performances from some of our most talented musicians, led by Miss Hunter, enlivened the event and everyone contributed to the school plastic bottle tops collection for AMIS.

All in all, the 2017 BSB Fundraising International Summer Fair was one of the most vibrant school fairs ever with lots of families involved making the morning a grand social event for everyone to enjoy.

Mrs Roa, Leader of the Primary Fundraising Society, explained, “The students enjoyed taking part. They loved getting to know about AMIS and enjoyed making bunting, and designing and decorating material to hang around the fair during their Society time. On the day, they helped setting up the stalls and collecting tickets.” She went on, “It was a fantastic community event. Seeing the children, with their families and the school staff, coming together to help AMIS was wonderful. This kind of events promote awareness of the different cultures in the school, brings togetherness and creates a true school community feeling. Thank you everyone that helped make the International Summer Fair a huge success. More next year!”


About the BSB and AMIS Partnership

The BSB started collaborating with AMIS, Associació de pares i mares de fills amb discapacitats de Sitges, in 2015, when we joined their project of collecting plastic bottle tops in school.

The goal of this collection was to help raise the 40 tons of plastic bottle tops that AMIS needs to fund the adaptation of a car for Eva, one of the children in the association.

For two years now the BSB has been collecting tops thanks to the contribution of all members of the staff, students and parents.

The collection bins were available at the front entrance, playgrounds and staff rooms.

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