Astounding Results in BSB Music Deparment: ABRSM and Rockschool Music Awards Ceremony


On Tuesday, 26th September, the BSB held the first formal ABRSM and Rockschool Music Awards Ceremony. Mr Hebden (Director of Learning – Arts) and Mr Petrie (Head of Secondary and Pre-U) presented our students with their Music certificates in a very emotive session which will now become an annual event.

The ceremony was meant to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the students, which is one of our priorities at BSB, alongside the development of Arts in general and of Music in particular. The figures achieved by the Music department do reflect all the hard work done last year in this direction:

  • Varied range of instruments – Exams taken this year were on violin, guitar, saxophone, cello, drum kit and bass guitar, plus music theory as well
  • 56 ABRSM / Rockschool exams taken: 13 Rockschool exams, 38 ABRSM instrument exams, 5 ABRSM Music Theory exams
  • 13 Exams passed with Merit
  • 12 Exams were passed with Distinction
  • Year 11 student Anna passed the grade 7 piano exam with Distinction. This gives her 16 UCAS points for University entrance in the UK (equivalent to a “B” at AS Level)

The ceremony took place in the BSB Theatre where the proud parents and teachers of the young musicians could enjoy Anna’s performance of a grade-7 piano piece and of Pablo, who performed a grade-1 piano piece.

The BSB is the only international school in Catalonia to offer exams with Rockschool / ABRSM exams. The first ABRSM exam was taken at BSB in 2008, with just one student. It has developed over the years, with each year more students taking the exams. ABRSM have operated for 125 years and exams can be taken in 90 countries; Rockschool are at the forefront of popular music exams and were formed 26 years ago and exams can be taken in 39 countries.

The music department has grown from strength to strength and the BSB has over 200 students receiving instrument lessons at school, across the two BSB Campuses. We have a team of five music teachers, supported by a team of ten specialist instrument teachers:

“I am really proud of the students, the ABRSM is a well-established exam system, it helps the students develop all aspects of musicianship”, Jacob Lenson, Guitar Teacher at BSB Castelldefels and BSB Sitges.

“The students had some fantastic results. Rockschool gives value to learning the drum kit, they incorporate many different styles of music and develop playing in a practical way, yet at the same time, developing music reading skills, aural awareness and knowledge of the instrument”, Ronald Voskens, Drum Teacher at BSB Castelldefels and BSB Sitges.

“I am very proud of all our students who take these exams, the examiners are very rigorous and all aspects of the exam have to be good in order pass. Students need to dedicate many hours of practice and this helps to develop their instrument skill. In ten years at the BSB, music has grown and grown, and I can proudly say that BSB has perhaps the largest and strongest music department in all of Spain”, Mr Hebden, Director of Learning – Arts.

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