Creating “a Cohesive, Well-Supported School Chain”, by Chief Executive, Chris Jansen

“The most fundamental thing is the quality of the teaching that happens in the classroom, sure. But all of the people around that, not just the teacher, are important too. So the ICT has got to work, the facilities managed, the right HR, admission, safeguarding systems.”
Chris Jansen, Cognita’s Chief Executive.

Featured on latest issue of Schools Week, Chris Jansen, Chief Executive of Cognita Schools, explains how the Group’s strategy focuses on quality at the heart of every aspect of children’s school life. With a strong sense of focus on education, Mr Jansen conveys a number of key messages of a Cognita Education, including global opportunities for everyone:

“It comes back to value” (…) “For me, it’s not about ten versus twenty or fifty thousand pounds, it’s whether parents are satisfied with the way their child is developing.”

“And what I’d like to guarantee, and I think we can now, is that the vast majority of children at Cognita will at least perform to their potential or above. And that means doing well academically but developing as people as well.”

“I want us to be better for our children, but I want everyone to be better.”

“We have a healthy dissatisfaction for where we are, but I know today that the quality of education in our schools is getting better – it’s better than it was last year, and next year it will be even better.”

You can read the full interview here

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