Ex-Basketball Player Iñaki Zubizarreta Speaks of Anti-Bullying with Pre-U Year 12

Iñaki Zubizarreta Tellería, former professional basketball player, came to visit us this week to talk about bullying to our Year 12 students. Iñaki is a current collaborator of a Spanish anti-bullying organisation called “No al Acoso Escolar”, since he was a victim of bullying himself during school days.

With a successful basketball career of fifteen years, with he and his team winning the 1997-98 Copa del Rey championship, his extraordinary height, a main asset for this sport, was of no benefit to him when he was a child.

Iñaki shared his journey during those days and explained how he was able to manage and overcome this situation. His speech covered a lot of emotional aspects, which challenged our students to reflect on their role and responsibility as the oldest students in the school and to start thinking of life beyond school.

Mr Richardson, Director of Pre-University, explained why this kind of Talks are so important for our students: “Being people whose skills and knowledge will place them in positions of influence, they must be aware of what is happening to the people around them, and have the confidence to act in a supportive and caring way.”

The BSB is committed to fight anti-bullying of any kind inside and outside school and has made a donation to this association.

To learn more about the “Bullying Project” and the association, please visit: www.noalacoso.org