BSB wins Five Medals at Castelldefels Cross Country

On Saturday, 21st October, we welcomed the start of the ‘Jocs Escolars’ season of sporting events in Castelldefels with the 1st Cross Country run, historically the first event in the sports calendar, with many more exciting opportunities coming up!

It was a truly memorable event with so many BSB pupils representing with such quality and determination to succeed. That was added to through the collaboration of pupils from both BSB Sitges and Castelldefels, combining together and spurring one another on to do their very best. It was evident that the support for the BSB pupils was the strongest presence there; all as one big BSB family cheering and urging every participant step-by-step towards the finish line.

‘The focus for BSB is participation, leading a healthy, active lifestyle and enjoyment of sport, but I would have to mention and congratulate the many students that were awarded medals on the day’, Mr Cross, Director of Sport and PE, said.

We look forward to being as proud as we were on Saturday within the many events coming up, such as the Year 4-5 Basketball competition on 18th November and the Futsal season for all teams starting the week before on 11th November. More details to follow!