A-Level Geography Students Research Sitges Coastline

On 24th October, our Year 13 A-Level Geography students went on a fieldtrip to Sitges to get a deeper understanding of coastal land forms, the hazards they produce and how different areas manage these hazards, three key aspects of their advanced curriculum.

Following a carefully designed research plan, the students investigated both hard and soft coastal defences, and the effect they have on the sediment cell along the coastline. To this end, they monitored the long-shore drift direction by measuring the amount of material trapped by the groynes, and they investigated why there are pebbles on the bottom beach but sand on the others.

‘We are lucky as we live close to a very dynamic coastline. Sitges is an excellent base for seeing many of the major processes involved here, which enables our students to evaluate the success of the management’, Miss Girvan, Geography teacher, explained.

All in all, a magnificent and enriching day out for our students!