2 BSB Finalists at Royal Society of Biology Competition

A number of Year 10 students spent a huge amount of time over the summer on their Biological works of art. As a result of their hard work, Mrs Mulhall, our Director of Learning Science, entered five projects for the BioArtAttacks! Competition run by the Royal Society of Biology.

The great news just arrived this week: 2 out of 5 shorlisted participants were BSB entries!
Their works were chosen out of 70 high quality and exciting entries, including collages, sculptures, stop motion videos and even cakes! The whole spectrum of biology was represented, from plant science to neuroscience.

Our shorlisted students have been:

  • Juan G. with a creative multimedia entry shows the structure and function of a neurone.
  • Paola Z. with a colourful model shows the structures of a neuron.

Congratulations to both of them and good job to all the students participating!

Works and Participants:

  • Large red cell, by Juan G.
  • Smaller blue cell, by Almudena Va.
  • Neurone, by Paola Z.
  • Palisade cell, by Serafina K.
  • Smaller beige cell, by Francesca H.

You can read the full release by the Royal Society of Biology here