BSB Sitges Designs a Museum based on School Values

During Building BSB Values Week, the children learnt about our school’s core values:  Loyalty, Equality, Achievement, Determination, Empathy and Respect.

Each year group – from Nursery to Year 6 – was set the task of designing and creating a high-quality “museum exhibit” related to their topic, and by the end of the week they had created a whole museum in our Theatre!  The museum-building project went extremely well, and the children were rightly proud to show off their hard work to their families and friends.

Through this ambitious project, the children learnt how behaviours and attitudes which stem from BSB values can help them to overcome difficult tasks and ultimately lead them to successful outcomes.  Each day, a different BSB value was emphasised by the school, and one person in each class – who demonstrated this value particularly well – was celebrated and awarded an exclusive certificate.

The exhibits have now been moved to various locations around the school; look out for them as you next walk around!

See full gallery here