Team-Building Dynamics for BSB Year 12 Students

On 9th November 83 Year 12 students and 8 BSB teachers took the winding road to Cardona for a two-day residential packed with activities designed around team building and getting to know one another. Mr Richardson; Director of Pre-U, tells us all about this fantastic new experience:

“The catapult building exercise certainly let them know who the physics students were, with students building marvellous contraptions out of wooden poles, rope and a lot of hope. Legends were made, and dreams dashed, as tennis balls were flung centimetres through air!

Bubble football saw the brave stand and bounce, and the smart run in the opposite direction like big apples with legs. A special mention to one girl from 12G who stood her ground against a flying attack from the boys and honourably took 5 or so minutes to get back up.

Beyond these activities students played kin-ball, flag rugby, escorted farmers, wolves and sheep across and pool, and finally spent a morning orienteering in the historical city of Cardona. The food was great, the rooms comfortable and everyone had such an exhaustingly good time that from 11.30pm onwards, only the sound of snoring students and the odd giggle drifted across the cold night air.

All in all, both teachers and students had a fantastic time and we all left full of enthusiasm for the year to come.”