Young BSB Basketballers Make Mr McLachland Proud

On Saturday, 18th November, eight BSB students from Year 4 & 5 participated in a Basketball tournament of the Castelldefels Jocs Escolars programme.

Proud Mr McLachlan, EYFS & Primary PE and Sport Specialist at BSB Sitges, tells us all about the experience:

‘Having only just started our unit of work on basketball this half-term, the children went into the event not really knowing what to expect.

Despite playing well in the first fixture, BSB lost the first game by only one basket. I am pleased to say that this did not make the children despondent. They showed their resilience in the next game and showcased the talent that they have displayed in PE lessons so far. Throughout the remaining fixtures, they were dogged in defense and exploited space at speed; they attacked in numbers and rewarded for their efforts. This playing style enabled us to beat all the other teams that we faced in the competition.

What pleased me more than anything was the children´s attitude and the respect they showed for each other, the opposition and the referees. There was a real comradery between the group of players and this made me prouder than winning the remaining four fixtures.’

It is clear that the children enjoyed the event too with Dylan Patterson (Year 5 BSB Sitges) commenting, ‘The tournament was great. I really enjoyed it because there were so many teams to play against.’

Well-done, young basketballers! Every single effort counts!