BSB Students Reflect on “Sharing to Learn” Project at Castelldefels Radio

Amazing presentation of language assistants Anna G, Anna de A and Matthew yesterday at Castelldefels radio station (98.0 FM). They were interviewed about their participation in the “Sharing to Learn” project this academic year and their feedback was simply a delight to listen to. The “Sharing to Learn” project is an initiative of the Generalitat de Catalunya which has been running for nine years now and involves over 80 participating educational centres in all Catalonia.

Every year Pre-University students of BSB volunteer to visit once a week local schools Edumar, Garigot and Lluís Vives as language assistants to support pupils with their learning of English and help them develop their speaking and listening skills. This year, BSB participated with 15 Year 12 students: Anna de A, Sara, Pol, Matthew, Candela, Varvara, Chris, Yana, Segundo, Claudia, Eva, Thomas, Anna G, Max and Lucas.

“I was responsible for a child with autism, which was a greater challenge. It was a very positive experience. I have seen a big change in him. Over the last few days he has started to speak and I have been told that he much prefers speaking English over Spanish.” Anna G

“It was wonderful. They gave us a book with drawings. An unforgettable connection was made […] I had never thought of the emotional side of teaching before […] It was very nice to see the children’s progress from the first day to the last.” Anna de A

“The connection between the teachers and the students is what would make me come back.” Matthew

You can listen the full interview here


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