20 European Universities Meet at BSB Nexus

For the third year in a row, BSB held its annual UK and European University Fair on 18th April at BSB Nexus, the new Pre-University campus in Castelldefels.

The day brought together 20 of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria and Germany with the goal of providing information to the Pre-University students and their families about their educational offerings, entrance requirements and application processes for various undergraduate courses.

Annette, Year 12 student who helped organise the Fair with her classmates as one of her CAS projects, shared her experience at Radio Castelldefels (98.0 FM): “When we started this project we asked students what they would expect to see and they said they would prefer something more modern and innovative, rather than traditional courses. So, when we selected the universities we made sure that everyone could find something they liked. We have more artistic universities, such as special effects, cinematography and also hospitality.” – Listen to full radio interview here

Ms Catherine Burns, advisor of the pre-university cycle of the BSB, highlighted the importance of this type of advisory actions that support our students to make informed decisions for their professional future. “It is very important that students are inspired, empowered and encouraged by the opportunities they can pursue in the future. Each student has a unique pathway to discover and follow, our role is to support them to identify the pathway and provide them with the information, advice and guidance to make the next steps.” She added: “The students benefit from an international experience which enriches them both personally, socially and culturally, and gives them a global perspective as citizens of the world. The ability to express themselves fluently in English expands the range of universities to choose from.”

The UK and European University Fair is one of the key components of the Pre-University mentoring programme at the BSB, along with the annual Spanish University Fair (January 2018) and presentations by universities and centres for higher education invited throughout the year.

Every year an average 50% of graduates choose an international university for further studies and future career. The preferred destinations in Europe are British Universities followed by colleges in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The participating universities and centres for higher education to the 3rd Edition of the UK and European University Fair on 18th April were: City, University of London (United Kingdom), Lancaster University (United Kingdom), New College of Humanities London (United Kingdom), Royal Holloway, University of London (United Kingdom), University of Bristol (United Kingdom), University of Plymouth (United Kingdom), University of Sussex (United Kingdom), University of Exeter (United Kingdom), University of Reading (United Kingdom), University of Leicester (United Kingdom), University of Essex (United Kingdom), Richmond The American University of London (United Kingdom), UIBS, United International Business School, New York Film Academy (Italy), Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne (Switzerland), University of Applied Sciences Weiner Neustadt (Austria), The Hague University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), Hotel Management School Maastricht, The University of Zuyd Applied Science (Netherlands), Delft University of Technology (Netherlands), EBS University of Business and Law (Germany).

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