The New Pre-University Campus BSB Nexus Opens its Doors

BSB Nexus, the new Pre-University campus of The British School of Barcelona, opened its doors on Tuesday, 3rd April. Since then, BSB Pre-University students (Years 12 and 13) have been benefitting from a distinct educational model that not only educates students aged 16 to 18 academically but also helps them develop 21st century skills, including critical thinking, emotional intelligence, communication, and teamwork, to meet the demands of a fast-changing world.

The campus addresses this focus with study areas and social spaces for individual and group projects, and also strengthens personal skills such as initiative and leadership, social skills and the sense of belonging to a community. Through learning techniques that encourage creativity and innovation, resilience, lifelong learning and unlearning for continuous growth, the education the students receive is based on three core aspects: delivering academic excellence, developing character and nurturing a global perspective.

The educational offer at the new campus does not vary from the curriculum being delivered at the Castelldefels main site, that is three pathways that share core values: A Levels (British Curriculum), International Baccalaureate (IB) and Foundation Programme (a year-long course that allows students to join the school for post-16 education regardless of their level of English or the education system they come from).

To celebrate the opening of BSB Nexus, the school has held several events with Pre-University students, parents and staff so far, as well as distinguished guests from political and educational institutions, and representatives of the Cognita Group. A number of guided tours for the whole BSB community have been scheduled so that everyone at BSB has an opportunity to explore the new facilities where future Pre-University students will continue to develop their full potential as they prepare for university and their future careers.

The institutional event was attended by representatives, such as Chris Jansen, CEO of the Cognita Schools Group; Annabelle Sproat, Vice Consul at the British Consulate General in Barcelona; María Miranda Cuervas, Mayoress of Castelldefels, and Eva Prada, director of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, among others.

“Our purpose is to continuously improve the quality of education and ensure students have a unique experience. At Cognita we aim for academic excellence and, for this reason, our students’ results are exceptional. We are sure that the students at BSB Nexus will continue to do so in the future”, Chris Jansen, CEO of the Cognita Schools Group.

“Today we are not just witnessing the opening of the pre-university campus but also recognising the standard of education offered by The British School of Barcelona. The British education system is one of the most rapidly growing industries at present, and its positive reputation is a result of the hard work of all the teachers and institutions involved”, Annabelle Sproat, Vice Consul at the British Consulate General in Barcelona.


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