Year 10 German and History Students’ Enriching Trip to Berlin, by Miss Amado

Year 10 German and History students had the opportunity to visit a foreign city with their classmates and teachers. Miss Amado, Teacher of German at BSB Castelldefels, explains this recent school trip to us:

“Last month Mr Kenny (Head of History), Ms Crane (Teacher of History) and myself embarked on a trip with students to Berlin, Germany, to explore the city’s rich history and culture, and to practice our language skills. Students really made the most of the trip, taking in every detail at the museums we visited and whilst walking through the streets of Berlin.

Thanks to the amazing weather we had, we were able to explore many corners of the city. We even took a bike tour focusing on the sites of the Cold War and had the chance to visit the Federal Parliament, a historical building with breath-taking views of Berlin from the top of the dome.

Students were also moved by the experience of visiting the Jewish Quarter and the Jewish Museum. It made them realise that History is not just something found in books, but also real stories lived by real people. When we visited the Topography of Terror, a museum that documents the horrors of the Nazi regime, students were absolutely astonished at how regular people believed such horrific ideas about their peers.

Overall it was an amazing trip with many adventures, where students learnt about Germany’s history, culture and language! It was a wonderful experience that we hope becomes an annual event.”