Year 13 Pablo de F.’s and Nicolas B.’s Science Video wins a ‘Harry and Margaret Kroto Prize’

Year 13 BSB Nexus pupils Pablo de F.’s and Nicolas B.’s ‘Flight Wing’ Video wins a ‘Harry and Margaret Kroto Prize for Innovative Use of Technology in Learning’

We are delighted to announce that two of our Year 13 students, Pablo and Nicolas, have been awarded a prize for the best presentation in English by students whose first language is not English.

Their 2018 BSB STEM video entry, “Flight Wing”, entered the “Harry and Margaret Kroto Prize for Innovative Use of Technology in Science Learning”, which is proudly coordinated by the University of Sheffield, a member of the Russell Group of leading UK research universities. The Prize, open to students aged 11-18 from any school in the world, has been challenging students for the best video about any Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics subject matter for four years. The BSB has won the Communication and Presentation Prize twice now, in 2016 and 2018.

The four-minute video clearly depicts the stabilisation of a flight wing using formulas and graphs, and includes a test in real life followed by areas of improvement and a conclusion. The Vice-President for Education Professor Wyn Morgan, commended them on their “application of fundamental Physics to aerodynamics and clearly explained lift, along with their use of stop motion.”

Pablo and Nicolas will receive a £200 prize to be shared between them and the school. They will choose how the school’s share will be spent in Science at the BSB.

The results will go live on 11th June on the Kroto Prize website.

Congratulations to Pablo and Nicolas on this huge achievement and to their Science teachers, especially Mr. Bell and Mr. Whellams, who continually stretch and challenge their students to go the extra mile!



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