Biggest Ever End-of-Year 6 Residential Trip!

The end of year trip to the United Kingdom is the perfect way for Year 6 to round off their time in Primary. This year it was even more special as students from BSB Sitges who will be moving to the Castelldefels campus next academic year joined the trip.

Mr Taylor, Key Stage 2 Leader and Champion of the trip, explains the experience, which he shared with team members Ms Wood, Ms Bell, Mr Serra, Ms Outram and Ms Kerstein:

“This residential trip was our biggest yet bringing together 77 children from both the Sitges and Castelldefels campuses. It was great to see the excited faces and hear the loud happy voices when the children were arriving at the airport on Monday morning and this buzz didn’t leave for the duration of the trip, with some children even saying that they didn’t want to come home! As much fun as it was the group was ready for home! (although this was possibly just the small teachers group…)

Núria said “I have never been so excited in my life – being with my friends on a plane and visiting a new city meant I could hardly sleep the night before we left! I would go back tomorrow if I could!”

The way that the children mixed together and made new friends will be beneficial moving forward into Secondary School and we, as Year 6 teachers, know that the friendships made in London come back with the children to Barcelona and they continue to be solid friends as they work through each year group.

Timofey explained “the chance to meet new people before we start Secondary School after the summer was great – I have more friends now and it’s cool that my new best friend could be someone I met in London!”

The activities that we planned for the children were greatly appreciated by the children, whether that meant they were covered from head to toe in mud or they got to investigate a Mesopotamian artefact from thousands of years ago. The way that the children gave their full attention and efforts into the activities made the trip very rewarding for the teachers as well, especially when we could see the children working together on activities such as Jacob’s Ladder and overcoming fears on the Mud Assault course or Zipslide.

Santi said “The activities and group leaders were all great fun! I overcame my fear of heights with the Zipwire and I don’t think I need to be scared of heights anymore!”

We always say to you as parents that the children come back from London as a different people and the sense of maturity and independence will hopefully be visible in the remaining four weeks of the school year, as well as at home with you.

Thank you very much for your time, efforts and support in making the London Trip so enjoyable for us all.”