BSB Sitges proudly presents its first ever contribution to the stunning Sitges Corpus Christi celebrations

This year BSB took part in the annual Sitges Corpus Christi festival for the first time. It is a lovely celebration that originated in 1918 and consists of decorating the streets with carpets of flowers and ends with mass and procession through the decorated streets of the town. The colours and creativity of the festivities attract visitors from all over the country and abroad, and bring together the local community, keeping this tradition alive.

We spoke to teachers and BSB leaders of the initiative, Ms Mercè Llobet and Ms Ariana Navas, about the school’s experience at the event:

How did the idea of the BSB participating with a carpet of flowers come up?

The idea came from the school management team as they first saw the celebrations last year and noticed that schools could also participate.

What was the school community’s participation in the project like (parents, students, staff…)?

As it was our first year participating, we had a small committee behind the project, although a lot of families and colleagues helped us with the design and assembly of the carpet. We are aware that some members of the school community were not entirely aware of what the tradition consisted of, however because of the school’s participation this year, we are sure that participation will be higher if we take part next year.

How did you organise yourselves?

Ms Mercè Llobet: I was in contact with the Sitges Corpus committee and then I informed the directors and teachers of the school of the developments of the festival. Ms Ariana Navas and Mr Ricardo Sánchez, IT teacher of the school, joined once the design for the carpet had been chosen from those presented by families. Mr Ricardo Sánchez Mr Ricardo Sánchez led the design of the project by providing a scale model of the design mapping the size of the street.

Are you happy with the end result? Would you participate again?

We were all very happy, particularly when we saw the final masterpiece, as it was the result of a lot of hard work. We were very proud of ourselves when we finished the carpet. Whether we participate next year is up to the management team, but for us it was a really enriching experience.

How do you think these activities contribute to a sense of community outside of the classroom?

It means you interact with the students and parents in a different environment and see that there is a continued sense of learning beyond the classroom.

Have you received any feedback that you’d like to share with us?

We have received a lot of positive feedback from parents and teachers alike congratulating us and recognising the hard work we put in. On social media, Ms Monaghan commented, “A MASSIVE thank you to the staff who gave their weekends to make this happen. Particular thanks to Ms Llobet and Ms Navas for organising everything, and to Ricardo who was in the street at midnight last night sketching the design onto the cobles”. Mrs Bell added, “Very proud of Team BSB as always – pupils, parents and staff!”